A Smoknovo is Like Having Two Gifts in One

Smok Novo 2

A Smoknovo is Like Having Two Gifts in One

My Smoknovo review is for the next version of this popular infrared sauna. The first Smok Novo just about made me buy it. This time around, however, I went with the Smok Novo 2. This unit comes with a nice accessory – the Smok Novo 2 Pro. Here’s what I liked concerning this version:

o It’s larger than the first one. I’m glad that Smok knows you can find saunas out there that won’t need to be super-sized. This unit is approximately twice as big because the original. It has a very durable sauna bag and holds far more heat. Plus, the two holes on the bag to allow steam to be delivered of the sauna along with letting the smoke detector smell the sauna.

o I get almost instant heat. For reasons uknown, the first Smok Novo emitted hardly any heat. When I took it out of the box, I could have the heat right away. Despite having my cat’s fur on the box, the radiant heat was still very noticeable. Now, I don’t have to wait as long to have a Smok Novo out.

o Smoknovo II posseses an infrared sauna heater. The original Smoknovo only came with a plastic box. That isn’t a good thing. My Smoknovo II comes with an infrared sauna heater. That’s great because I will have a smoke detector.

o Smoknovo II also comes with a handy carrying case. Again, I love that feature. I’m always on the run and I don’t want my sauna to get rid of up in the trash. The case helps guard against scratches or bumps that could damage your unit. The Smoknovo II even includes a cutout for your tongue to assist you easily insert the cigar and inhale nice and easy.

o Smoknovo II comes with a stainless steel sauna brush. It’s a great thing to have because it means I don’t have to buy a new brush for every time I take advantage of my sauna. With slightly bit of use, my Smoknovo II smells and feels great. There’s no taste to spoil what’s already been sipped. I’m able to enjoy the natural taste of Smoknovo II anytime.

o Smoknovo II’s digital LED display is much easier to read compared to the original Smoknovo. It also has a timer that lets me understand how long I’ve been smoking. It also includes a very audible alarm that reminds me if it is time to put the Smoknovo II away.

In general, I really enjoyed smoking the first Smoknovo I had. I’m uncertain if the smell from the initial Smoknovo II was superior or not. But either way, I must say i enjoyed my time spending in the Smoknovo steam sauna. There’s something about getting a good steam bath that gets me in the mood to smoke a good cigar.

Once I acquired on the initial “hmm” feeling, I started to enjoy my Smoknovy. I must say i liked the feel of it. I felt a lot of heat, which is not unusual with most vaporizers I’ve used. But I also felt the gentle scent of wood, like some great woodwind instrument.

After a couple of weeks, I made a decision to give Smoknovo two weeks and go back to the original smell. What I noticed is that my sense of smell is still quite strong, but not nearly as strong as when I first started using the Smoknovy. I could still smell the wood and the sweet scent of the woodwind instrumental music from my old Smoknovy. This made me feel a little as an artisan craftsman, crafting a lovely work of art from the best quality materials.

So if you’re looking for an excellent gift, I would definitely recommend a Smoknovo. Smoknovo makes an excellent desktop cleaner, vacuum, and shaving kit. It’s even made a unique coffee mug with every person’s name onto it! My Smoknovy gave me so much convenience, and now I take advantage of one for everything, even when I don’t have to go somewhere!

A Smoknovo makes a great gift for almost everyone. You can utilize it for many years. It gives an excellent sense of value. The thing I’ll warn you about though, is that I’ve received several refills since vapinger.com i have got my first one year ago and I haven’t been able to come back them.